ACRES Committees

There are a total of five committees, as described below.

Industry Connection/Marketing:

  1. Reach out to industry leaders and senior professionals in real estate for potential collaboration and educational events. (real estate investors, developers, lenders, acquisition analysts, asset managers, real estate brokers, lawyers, EB5 lawyers, architects, engineers)
  2. Connect with other real estate organizations/ investment communities to co-organize events
  3. Promote ACRES to industry platform
Event Coordination & Treasury:
  1. Initial event topic and logistics with industry connection and sponsorship committees
  2. Send invitations to and collect feedback from members
  3. Event setup: location coordination, computers/projectors, food & beverage, brochure printing, name tag printing
  4. Event recording including taking notes, photos and video
  5. Manage organization budget/funding, collect event fee/donation, income/expense tracking, quarterly income statement report

Online Development:

  1. Maintenance of website by updating and adding information (forms, pics, members, articles, career opportunities)
  2. Website traffic/visitor update and detail website report
  3. Search Engine Optimization, inter-website links
  4. Manage Wechat and other social medias


  1. Establish pitch book/presentation for potential sponsors
  2. Research on guest speakers/collaborating sponsors
  3. Event marketing (distributing brochures, gifts, and any other ads from the sponsors) and followup with sponsor


  1. Maintain and manage the membership information system
  2. Reach out to new members in the U.S. and China (real estate professionals with interest in U.S. and China’s real estate markets)