It was the summer of 2013, a group of real estate professionals in the big apple gathered at a Chinese restaurant in midtown New York. Many in the group have been friends for years since college. Whether graduated from NYU or Columbia, Harvard or MIT, over the years, the group stayed in touch and gathered regularly for industry update and business opportunities.

With the growing capital flow across boarders, particularly into the New York City, we feel that the timing is crucial for real estate professionals to engage in this process. While the organization is a platform for global business collaboration, it also provides our members great opportunities to share market knowledge.

Our first event was hosted at Jack’s apartment, where Jim Schubiner, a knowledgeable real estate investor delivered the first presentation.

That was how ACRES was born, a name meaning the hundreds of thousands of square feet, and great potential. We hope that we could be a platform big enough, broad enough and deep enough to bridge the gap between real estate opportunities in US and China.

We’ve achieved a lot in the past few years. Today, we are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Between 2013 and 2017, we hosted more than 30 professional events ranging from panel discussions, site visits and networking events. We partnered with respected companies such as Related, SOM, Real Capital Analytics and Financial Times. Currently, ACRES has over 280 members who are primarily English/Chinese bilingual real estate professionals.

Thank you, our friends, for being part of our growth journey. Let’s move ACRES forward together!