Welcome to the website of ACRES | American Chinese Real Estate Society.

The American Chinese Real Estate Society (ACRES) serves a growing number of bilingual real estate professionals who have interests and resources in both the US and China. An advocate for Chinese business groups as well as a leading facilitator of US-China cross-border transactions, ACRES strives to provide valuable connections, education, and experiences to local experts with a global reach. ACRES is headquartered in New York City.

ACRES was founded by a number of young real estate professionals with both China and US backgrounds.

欢迎来到ACRES | 美中地产协会网站。ACRES由一群在美国的地产专业人士组织,意在为对中国和美国的地产行业提供一个交流和合作的平台。

You may reach the organization committee by writing to info@acresociety.com