ACRES Feb 2019 Event – Celebrate Chinese New Years with ACRES!

Event Description:

Join ACRES in celebrating the Chinese New Year the evening of February 19th! Chinese New Years, also known as the Spring Festival, is one of the most traditional and prominent festivals celebrated by China. Come join us for an evening of networking and great food.


Sponsor Highlight: 

North Sea Investment is the product of the 2018 strategic merger of ZM LOU Companies and Nuage Capital.  Supported by over 20 years combined experience in both investment and legal aspect of commercial real estate between the two principals, North Sea prides itself for identifying exceptional investment opportunities, its ability to execute transactions expeditiously and its comprehensive underwriting system of risk control.

North Sea is funded by both institution and individual investor client base of Asian origin and invests primarily in US commercial real estate to achieve risk-adjusted return.  To date, North Sea has successfully deployed approximately $60 million in both debt and equity vehicles to various projects in urban and suburban regions of New York, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC.

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The American Chinese Real Estate Society (ACRES) serves a growing number of bilingual real estate professionals who have interests and resources in both the US and China. An advocate for Chinese business groups as well as a leading facilitator of US-China cross-border transactions, ACRES strives to provide valuable connections, education, and experiences to local experts with a global reach. ACRES is headquartered in New York City.

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