ACRES Aug 2014 – What You Should Know About EB-5

On August 6th, 2014, ACRES hosted a panel discussion on EB5 immigration project.

Event Information (活动信息)
Date: August 6th, 2014 (2014年8月6日晚6:30)
Time: check in starts at 6:30pm and panel starts at 7pm promptly. (6:30入场,7点讨论开始)
Location: Brooklyn Sheraton (布鲁克林喜来登酒店), 228 Duffield Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11201,
Language: Presentation will be conduct in Chinese, but questions can be answered in English if needed. (讨论主要中文为主,但可以使用英文作答。)

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Prospective attendees (有意参加人士):
1) EB5 investors(感兴趣的投资人)
2) EB5 advisers(EB5顾问)
3) real estate professionals interested in EB5 financing(对EB5融资渠道感兴趣的地产业内人士)

Topics to be covered (讨论内容):
From perspective of a potential investor (从潜在投资人角度):
–Typical Timeline and Process of EB5 Investment (通常的投资时间表和投资步骤)
–Understand Your Costs And Risks (投资所牵涉的费用和风险)
–How To Select A Good EB5 Project? (如何选择一个好的EB5投资项目?)
From perspective of a real estate developer (从地产开发商的角度):
–How To Utilize EB5 Financing To Fund A Development? (如何使用EB5作为融资手段?)
–Why EB5 Is Not For Every Project? (为何不是每一个项目都适合做EB5?)
–What Are The Basic Structures? (有哪些基本的架构?)
–How to Find Your Investors? (如何找到投资人?)
From perspective of an EB5 adviser (从EB5顾问的角度):
–What Services Are Needed? (投资人需要哪些服务?)
–Qualifications Needed If You Are Getting Paid. (收费的顾问需要哪些资质?)

Michelle Zeng, esq.
As a team lead, Ms. Zeng has been practicing immigration laws at Dai & Associates, P.C. with expertise in EB5, EB-1, EB-3, L-1, TN and H1B. She has successfully represented numerous investors from over the world in their immigration applications and maintained a splendid 100% approval rate.
Ms. Zeng holds a Bachelor of Law degree from Beijing Normal University and an LLM degree from New York University. Ms. Zeng passed the P.R. China Judicial Exam and was admitted to New York State Bar. Ms. Zeng is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and is an active member of American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Jinglan (Lynn) Wei
Lynn Wei works for a Flushing based development firm, Century Development Group, as the director of marketing and business development. Ms. Wei is responsible for a full spectrum of business development initiatives including creating and overseeing international marketing strategies for all CNYCRC project offerings. She spearheaded the whole process of creating CNYCRC’s EB5 Regional Center.
Ms. Wei graduated with a Master of Science degree in Economics from Brooklyn College, City University of New York and a Bachelor of Administrative Degree in Marketing from Shanghai Finance University.

Ziwei Song
Ziwei Song joined Lam Group and quickly became the marketing manager for all Lam’s EB5 projects. With her background in real estate finance and understanding of clients’ needs, Ziwei was able to raise $40 million EB5 funds within 4 months through various channels and on target for Lam’s third EB5 hotel project.
Ziwei holds a bachelor degree from Fudan University and a master degree from New York University.

Disclaimer: The discussion will be purely for academic purpose and each panelist will not represent their firm’s position.
此讨论由ACRES(American Chinese Real Estate Society)承办,每位出席讨论的代表均只代表个人意见,与其公司立场无关。

This event is sponsored by Lam Group.