• ACRES 2017 December Holiday Party – Let’s celebrate with ACRES!

    Been working and studying hard in 2017? Want to have some fun this holiday season with ACRES? Join us for our 2017 holiday party – a real party in the real estate world! We will be hosting RNNL Dance Studio which will be giving us a professional dance performance and offering complimentary lessons. We will follow with networking and games. Come and celebrate the holidays with us! Feel free to bring friends!

  • ACRES Oct 2017 Educational Seminar – Rookie to Expert, Title Insurance and Its Role in Transactions

    We are pleased to announce that ACRES will host the second educational seminar–Rookie to Expert, Title Insurance and Its Role in Transactions. Dorian Lam, the VP with First Nationwide Title (an AmTrust Financial company), will provide useful references to stakeholders such as developers, owners, lenders, underwriters, etc., with real world examples and analysis. You will learn about how the title industry works in general as well.

  • ACRES July 2017 Panel Series – Chinese Developers In New Jersey

    ACRES and DMG Investments co-host a panel discussion about Chinese Developers in New Jersey in July 2017. Chinese developers in the US market face many challenges and opportunities, from uncertainties around Chinese regulator capital controls to the US Condo market movement.

  • ACRES June 2017 Breakfast Discussion – the Return of 421-a Tax Program

    ACRES hosted event with Herrick and AREAA for a breakfast discussion about the new Affordable New York program. Jennifer Dickson, Herrick’s Chief Planning and Development Specialist, explained how the new affordable housing program differs from the previous one, and the implications for developers, owners, lenders and the industry as a whole, a Q&A session followed.

  • ACRES Seminar Series (April 2017) – How to Navigate NYC Zoning?

    How To Navigate NYC Zoning in 2017? With the new zoning regulation and government administration, ACRES provides this seminar opportunity for you to discuss with Ronald Ying, project manager at the NYC Dept of City Planing.

  • ACRES Mar 2017 Event – How to prosper in 2017 (Real Estate Market Analysis Panel)

    How can we prosper in 2017? ACRES will host a panel to discuss all the market dynamics in commercial real estate.

  • ACRES Dec 2016 Event – Real Estate Investment Panel

    In Dec 2016, ACRES and Jewel Capital co-hosted a panel event with an interesting theme in real estate investment: The Path to Good Deals.

  • ACRES Jun 2016 Event – Celebration of Sales Opening at MiMA

    On Jun 29th, 2016, ACRES joined Kuafu Properties and Greater China Real Estate Investment Association co-hosted a celebration of Sales Opening at ‘Manhattan View at MiMA’

  • ACRES Mar 2016 Event – Market Discussion

    With the recent market volatility in mind, ACRES hosted a discussion about the U.S. and China real estate market at the Financial Times Office in downtown NYC

  • ACRES Sep 2015 Event – Long Island City Site Visit

    ACRES hosted a development site visit in Long Island City (LIC) neighborhood on Sept 27 (Sunday). The project is a residential condo development by Century Development Group.

Who We Are

The American Chinese Real Estate Society (ACRES) serves a growing number of bilingual real estate professionals who have interests and resources in both the US and China. An advocate for Chinese business groups as well as a leading facilitator of US-China cross-border transactions, ACRES strives to provide valuable connections, education, and experiences to local experts with a global reach. ACRES is headquartered in New York City.